Oukei OK-787

Oukei OK-787
Oukei OK-787 Oukei OK-787 Oukei OK-787
Brand: Oukei
Product Code: OK-787
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This model operates with 40+ poly balls only.

Free US shipping

Free accessories with the model:

  • 1 Ball collection net
  • 1 Ball pick-up net
  • 2 Spare spin gears
  • 70 Double Fish 1-Star 40+ poly balls are included
  • Balls are included for U.S. buyers only due to safety shipping restrictions.

Key features

  • Double Spin Technology ensures different degrees of speed, curve and spin are served.
  • Folding serving head design helps to minimize packaging dimensions and shipping costs.
  • The swivel serving head moves from left to right under digital control, which causes the serves to land on the table more accurately as desired.
  • Capacity:
    • Serving Frequency: 30-100 balls/minute
    • Serving Speed : 4-40 meters/second
    • Serving Angle : in the range of +/-45 degrees.
  • Features and functions: 6 serving modes, 9 landing points, 9 different spins and proper service.

• Built-in mode: There are 9 built-in serve combinations programmed for the player to choose. Serving parameters can separately be set and adjusted as desired by the player.

  • Examination mode: The settings of this mode are based on the contents and time of each course as required by the coach. Two course levels can be set.

• Fixed mode: Various kinds of serves land continuously at one point to be chosen from 9 possible points as desired by the player.

• Program mode: A combination of various landings can be set on the entire table as desired by the player. Serves will land on the points as set under Program 1 or Program 2.

• Random Mode: Balls land randomly in either long range or short range on 1-9 possible points across the court, with a choice of landings on the entire width of the court, only the left side, or only the right side.

• Mixed Random Mode: Both long range and short range balls are served randomly on 1 - 9 possible points across the entire width of the table, with a choice of landings:

a) on the entire width of the table ( 1 - 9 landing points),

b) only the left side ( 1 - 5 landing points),

c) only the right side ( 5 - 9 landing points).

• Proper service (where ball is served and lands on both sides of court) is provided.

• Timer and ball counter is set and shown by digital display.

• Memory of the previous mode played can be restored for immediate replay.

• Automatic Ball Recovery: a collection dish automatically feeds returned balls back into the machine, saving time and increasing efficiency

• 9 spin modes to choose: Topspin, backspin, left-side spin, left-side topspin, left-side backspin, right-side spin, right-side topspin, right-side backspin and no spin (straight).

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